Learning Our Lines

When I was a kid, my favourite game was ‘acting’ with my figures. I used to make up stories for them, mostly revolving around Catwoman, Batman, Penelope from Thunderbirds, an accidentally bald woman from Masters of the Universe, Esmerelda (a McDonald’s happy meal toy), Eric from The Little Mermaid, and a girl whose arm fell … Continue reading Learning Our Lines


Welcome to my TED Talk

When I was at University and it came to choosing my modules for the semester, the very first thing I always did was check out the assessment methods of each course. My preference was coursework, followed by written examination. I tried to avoid assessment by presentation.   Unfortunately, whoever designed the course had the bright … Continue reading Welcome to my TED Talk

Sometimes laughter is the worst medicine

Back in November I asked my Twitter followers what some of their greatest social-anxiety related fears are. Even though there is no one-size-fits-all presentation of social anxiety, I thought there was a good chance that I would have had (either now or in the past) similar anxieties, and that even if I hadn’t, with the … Continue reading Sometimes laughter is the worst medicine

Can you be socially anxious and confident?

I have often wondered whether social anxiety, or just good old-fashioned insecurity, is to blame for the the weight I allow other people’s words to have on my mood and self-esteem. Asking this question usually throws up another, perhaps more pertinent question: Is it possible to have moderate-to-high self-esteem and social anxiety?   In my … Continue reading Can you be socially anxious and confident?

How to Lose Friends and Isolate Yourself

There’s a widespread misconception that people with social anxiety prefer to be alone, and while this is true some of the time and for some of the people, I recently put forward a question to my Twitter followers that tells a different story.   “How often do you feel lonely?” I asked.   35% responded … Continue reading How to Lose Friends and Isolate Yourself